PT GLOBAL EDU is the premier educational organisation offers value and quality education to provide learning opportunity and platform to maintain global peace and green planet. PT GLOBAL EDU runs by highly experienced and professional educators having decade of experience in shaping the future of young one by instilling value education beyond academic support. PT GLOBAL EDU promotes  and manages different programs, scholarship, competition, experience program, culture exchange program, value education etc. which provide deep knowledge and understanding to students to become global responsible citizen and to maintain global peace and secure green planet to next generation.

PT GLOBAL EDU creates, manages, organises and promotes essay, painting, poster etc. competition and various programs to educate youth about global issues, global culture and history of different countries and inspire students to research over a topic, collect the date from various sources, organize it in desirable manner and get acquainted with writing skills, to get exposure and explore the topics in depth which ameliorate students knowledge, skills, understanding and talents.

PT GLOBAL EDU provides an opportunity to learn outside of the classrooms too. PT GLOBAL EDU manages and organises Educational Tours which completely based on learning with fun. PT GLOBAL EDU offers project based outdoor learning which is taught in their curriculum.

PT GLOBAL EDU promotes the culture of different countries to provide a learning opportunity for students to know more about the culture, drama, music, language of different countries and love the people of the globe by connecting with them though experience program and/or exchange program to build lifelong relation with two countries and with two families to maintain global peace.