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1st Latvia Ambassador 1day Students’ Competition 2019 1st Latvia Ambassador 1day Students’ Competition 2019 is the first of its kind essay competition, open for all Indian students studying in any board in India from grade 7 to 12. Students are invited to participate in the competition and express their views about the topic related to Latvia, explore relevant websites to find relevant information about the theme/topic and execute the best essay.

The winners of essay competition will be invited for reception dinner at residence of ambassador/ at embassy and will be accommodated at embassy for a day to explore, understand and learn real diplomatic skills.

Essay Topic:   My first 3 tasks, I would like to perform as a Latvian Ambassador to strengthen Latvia- India relations”

World Counts:  300-500 words

Eligibility:  Class 7 to 12 students Awards:
  • 7 winners will be accommodated at embassy for a day and perform the real task as diplomats, learn basic skills and duties of diplomats and learn about embassy’s work.
  • 7 winners will be invited for reception dinner at embassy in Delhi
  • 7 winners will be felicitated with Latvian souvenir kit + Trophy + Book “Rapid Vedic Mathematics
  • Certificate of honour for all participating students.

Benefits for Students

  • ​Great opportunity to be at embassy and learn real skills of diplomats.
  • Certificate by embassy will add up in students’ academic ​& professional​ profile
  • Opportunity to meet ambassador and other diplomats at embassy to understand embassy’s and diplomats’ work
  • Opportunity to ameliorate knowledge, skill and understanding of geographical, political and general knowledge of the Latvia
  • Opportunity to experience Latvian culture and to learn about global culture
  • Opportunity to learn about diplomacy, international relations and foreign policy to ameliorate knowledge, understanding, skills and talent
  • Access and understand about cross border topics

Competition is open:  Midnight (IST) until 15th October 2019

  • Winners will be displayed with their name and school name on  website
  • Winners will be promoted on social media of embassy and PT GLOBAL EDU and national & International newspapers
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