Mr.  CN Patel has founded PT GLOBAL EDU, India under the auspices of PT GLOBAL VENTURES. He is an eminent educationist and businessman having more than decade of experience in teaching from school level to university level students. He is working on different projects on culture of different countries and also keenly working as Vedic Mathematics Trainer to promote Indian culture by promoting Vedic Mathematics across the world. He has been conducting Vedic Mathematics Workshops to promote the beauty of Indian origin ancient Mathematics. He has keen interest in education domain and has been continuously working and researching in the field of education to give the best out of the best to students though different programs and working hard to enhance their overall ability and to make them globally competence and responsible citizen. He is chief in editing “The Positive” - the highly resourceful eNewsletter where students have an opportunities to explore and learn about different global level topics, participate and excel their understanding by take part in competitions and scholarships.          
Madam Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mount Abu Public School, Delhi is a passionate and dedicated educationist with 25+ years of experience as a teacher /trainer and leader. She is a member of CBSE Governing Body and CBSE Examination Committee . She has also mentored the CCE syllabus at its initial stage. She is associated with various organisations of high repute such as NPSC, Action Committee of Unaided Recognised Private Schools, Federation of Public School, Forum of Public School etc... She is the recipient of innumerable noteworthy awards such as “State Award” by Govt. of NCT, Delhi, CBSE Mentor Award to the Principal, CBSE Award to the Principals and many more.
Delhi -North West Region