Global French Language Assessment Test – gFLAT

gFLAT 2022 is open and accepting entries from schools and students

Global French Language Assessment Test – gFLAT is the first of its kind, unique, international standard ONLINE French language assessment test that examines students’ listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and also assesses understanding of syntax, grammar and vocabulary. The gFLAT is very popular and well accepted among principals, teachers and students in India and abroad.

The objective of the gFLAT to make the learning French language more meaningful and students learn the language not as an optional subject but take it as an opportunity to add a new feather of skill and talent in their cap. Students can assess their own language skills, understanding, knowledge and talent.

The assessment test can be taken by any student learning French as a second/third language from any educational board in India or abroad like GCSE, IGCSE, IB, CIE, CISCE, CBSE and State Board.

gFLAT is divided into two different tests.

1. Global French Language Assessment Test – gFLAT – Junior:

  • Eligibility: Grade 6 to 8 students
  • Question Type: MCQ
  • Total Questions : 36 (40 questions including writing questions)
  • Total Points/Marks: 80
  • Time Limit: 50 minutes

2. Global French Language Assessment Test – gFLAT – Senior:

  • Eligibility: Grade 9 to 12 students and students preparing for beginner levels in colleges/universities & DELF A1/A2 Exam
  • Question Type: MCQ
  • Total Questions : 46 (50 questions including writing questions)
  • Total Points/Marks: 100
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes

Assessment: The international standard assessment test that examines listening, reading, writing, speaking (The test taker will choose the best suitable answer for the question asked), syntax, grammar and vocabulary.

Assessment Test Fee: Exam fee for gFLAT is Rs. 250 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is $8.

Recommended Books:  Any French book/s prescribed by school, If students wish to access more reference books; they can use Entre Jeunes prescribed by CBSE, Vite, Casquette and/or A1/A2 Level books like Saison and Alter Ego.

Participation Guidelines:

Step 1If students have already registered their email, please login to access the test.
All participating students must register HERE to generate a password.
[Please wait for 5-10 minutes and check spam or junk folder if you don’t find password in email inbox folder]
Step 2Login and select
Global French Language Assessment Test – gFLAT – Junior or
Global French Language Assessment Test – gFLAT – Senior
Step 3Participating through School (For Schools in India only)
Submit participation fee, your name and email to your school coordinator

Participating as an Individual/through school
Pay participation fee online. Multiple options and local currency are available
Step 4Once the participation fee is confirmed, wait till we update your status. Once your test is activated; you can appear in the test anytime before the due date.
Step 5Download Certificate of Achievement from the dashboard. Writing part will be assessed within two days, Hence download certificate after 3 days.

gFLAT Rewards:

  • Exciting prizes for top winners and goodies
  • Gold, silver and bronze medal for top 3 students from each grade/class encouraging minimum 10 students
  • Certificate of Achievement for all participating students
  • Certificate of Excellence for Language Teacher and Principal

Registration for students and schools is open now.

Last Date: Midnight (IST) until 31st December 2022

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants are advised to register and take part in the test well before the end date to avoid any last minute technical glitches.
  • Kindly recheck your email ID twice before registering on SIGNUP page, as password will be sent to your registered email ID.
  • Students who participated in earlier version of gFLAT and other assessment tests can login with their previous registered email. No need to register again using different email. If students don’t have password, the same can be generated by tapping on forgot password.  
  • If you have not received your password in the mail inbox, kindly check spam and junk folder, move email to your inbox and save email address in your address book for future updating.
  • Each Participant can participate in the selected test for ONCE ONLY and ONE TRY is allowed
  • Participation more than once is not accepted, if any student takes the test more than once, such entry will be disqualified.
  • Parents / Guardian may help only in registering online and paying online participation fee if needed but should not assist choosing the answers of the test.
  • Integrity & Honesty are expected from all participants and parents/guardians.
  • The Language of the assessment test is French.
  • Any misconduct is not accepted in the competition. If you misconduct and are found violating rules and regulation you will be automatically disqualified from the test.Students have to participate on their own and must avoid unfair practice
  • Decision of judges will be final and no review request will be entertained; only shortlisted candidates will be approached.
  • No request to update name and school name on certificate will be entertained; it will be captured the way you entered the information. You must take utmost care while registering your details like your name, family name & school name
  • All students must register and take part in the test until 31st December 2022.
  • Results will be declared on 15th January 2023 on this website. It may be delayed in any unfair circumstances.
  • Certificate of Achievement can be downloaded from 15th January to 31st January 2023 from your dashboard.
  • Participating students and schools must check this website for results update and ONLY winning students/schools will be intimated through mail for further process.
  • Certificates can be downloaded once you complete the test under the “Download Certificate” Section; so all participants are requested to download certificates once they finish the assessment test.
  • Students are requested to check under “Download Certificate” in the dashboard. If the test is captured, you will find information there and can download certificates. If it is not captured, finish it and check the download certificate section in the dashboard
  • Students are only able to download certificate once their test is successfully captured, if you are not able to download certificate means your test is neither captured nor registered successfully.
  • The participation fee is non-refundable and non transferable.
  • When two students score equal points, time taken to complete the test will be considered to give order to students, hence time taken to finish the test is very important.
  • Organisor may have rights to change or modify terms & condition, last date, result date, awards etc. For latest information, terms & conditions etc. of the contest, visit this website often to keep you updated.

Benefits of Learning French

  • A world Language: More than 300 million people speak French on all the five continents. French is a major language of international communication. It is the second most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world including countries like France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Seychelles, Senegal, Madagascar, Ivory Coast etc.
  • Career Asset: The ability to speak both French and English is an advantage for finding a job with the many multinational companies from France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland etc. using French as their working language, in a wide range of sectors (retailing, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, etc.).
  • Language of International Relations: French is both a working language and an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. Proficiency in French is essential for anyone considering a career in any international organisation.
  • Language of Culture: French is often considered the language of culture. Knowledge of French language opens the multiple doors into the worlds of fashion, gastronomy, dance, theatre, the visual arts, architecture and science
  • Higher Education: Speaking French opens up opportunities to study at renowned universities and business schools in France, Quebec- Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
  • Core Language to learn other languages: French is a good base for learning other languages, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) as well as English, since a significant percentage of English vocabulary is derived from French.
  • Many exchange opportunities: It is easy for students to make contact with French speakers of their own age, as pen pals or via the Internet. There are many different exchange programs in France that offer rewarding experiences.

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