1st Latvia – GCC Friendship Students’ Contest – 2021 is the first of its kind, unique, online essay contest open for school students studying in GCC member countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other countries; organised by PT GLOBAL EDU in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in UAE.

The contest is open for all students from grade 6 to 12 studying in any curriculum like GCSE, IGCSE, IB, CIE, CISCE, CBSE or any other boards in GCC member countries. Students are invited to participate in the contest and express their views about the topic related to Latvia explore suggested reading material and other websites to find relevant information about the theme/topic and execute the best competitive essay.

The winners of the essay contest will be invited for the felicitation ceremony and the reception dinner at the residence of the ambassador/ at the embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE and will be accommodated at the embassy for a day to explore, understand and learn real diplomatic skills.


  • 10 winners will be accommodated at the Embassy of Latvia in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a day to make them acquainted with real diplomatic skills, learn basic diplomacy skills, duties of diplomats and learn about the embassy’s work
  • 10 winners will be honoured with Latvian souvenir, gold medal and the book “Rapid Vedic Mathematics” authored by CN Patel
  • 10 winners will be invited for the reception dinner at the residence of Ambassador/at the embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Certificate of Honour for all participating students


Essay Topic: “What do you understand by de jure recognition of Latvia? How is it very important to each and every Latvian? “

Students can include

  • When did it come into existence? ·
  • Background history and chronology before granted de jure recognition·
  • Why is it referred as diplomat day?·
  • Relevant information about the topic

Word Count: 200 to 400 words

Eligibility: Class 6 to 12

Suggested Reading Material: CLICK HERE


Latvia is situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, it is a green and modern country with a rich cultural heritage, innovative spirit and 1.9 million outstanding personalities. Latvia’s strategic location between Scandinavia and Russia has made it an international crossroad for trade commerce, and cultural exchange since ancient times.

Latvian is considered one of the oldest and least changed of all living Indo European languages. It belongs to the Baltic branch. Latvia is among the greenest countries in Europe, 50% of Latvia’s territory is forest area, which makes the 4th most forested country in Europe and gives 14 hectors of forest per inhabitant, with 12 500 rivers, springs and more than 3900 lakes, Latvia is also the 4th in Europe by fresh water resources. A special landmark is our Venta Waterfall the widest natural waterfall in Europe (249 m). Golden Latvia’s Baltic Sea coastline is 500 km long. It is clean; it is public, and pleasantly uncrowded.

Latvia is a fully integrated member of all major economic and political structures the UN, EU, NATO, WTO and OECD.

Latvia celebrates 100 years of de jure recognition of Latvia in the year 2021. De jure recognition is very important for each and every Latvian because de jure recognition means that a state has become a subject of international law, the status is official, irrevocable, permanent and recognises Latvia as an internationally recognised state from 26 January 1921


  • Great opportunity to be at the embassy and learn real skills of diplomacy and foreign policy
  • Certificate by the Embassy will add up students’ academic & professional ​profile​
  • Opportunity to meet the ambassador and diplomats at the embassy to understand embassy and diplomats’ work
  • Opportunity to ameliorate knowledge, skill and understanding of geographical, political and general knowledge of the Latvia
  • Opportunity to learn about Foreign policy, Key engagement, success stories in the field of diplomacy
  • Opportunity to experience Latvian culture, people, history, gastronomy and to learn about global culture
  • Opportunity to learn about diplomacy, international relations and foreign policy to ameliorate skills & talent and to express knowledge & understanding in global conferences, MUN like programs, national & international forums etc.
  • Access and understand about cross border topics to be globally competence and accomplished individual

Participation Fee:  $ 7/ Student

Contest is open:  Midnight (IST) until 15th July 2021

  • Winners will be displayed with their name and school name on  website
  • Winners will be promoted on social media of embassy and PT GLOBAL EDU


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  • Participants are advised to register well before the contest end date to avoid any last minute technical glitches.
  • Kindly recheck your email ID twice before submitting your information as Student Reference Number (SRN) will be sent to your registered email ID. Please keep your student reference number handy and at safe place so on the day of results using same reference number you can download your certificate of honour.
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  • Parents / Guardian may help only in generating the SRN and paying online participation fee if needed but should not assist in writing the essay.
  • Integrity & Honesty are expected from all participants and parents/guardian.
  • Essay Form can be downloaded from this website, students can also use A4 size paper or fullscape notebook page; write the SRN and payment ID on the essay from before writing the essay, don’t write student’s name, school name on the essay form.
  • Entries must be written in English
  • Both hand written or typed essay will be accepted
  • Plagiarism is not accepted in the contest. If you are caught plagiarising you will be automatically disqualified from the competition
  • Students have to send their own work and must avoid copy from someone else work.
  • Decision of judges will be final and no review request will be entertained; only shortlisted candidates will be approached.
  • No request to update name and school name on certificate will be entertained; it will be printed the way you entered the information. You must take utmost care while registering your details.
  • All entries must be emailed to the email: on or before stipulated time until 15th July 2021
  • Results will be declared on 15th August 2021 on this website. Results may be announced early or may be delayed. Keep eyes on this website for results.
  • Date of felicitation ceremony and reception dinner will be intimated to winners and eligible school principals/directors once results will be declared
  • Certificates can be downloaded from 15th August 2021 and link will be available till 31st August 2021, so all participants are requested to download certificates in stipulated time.
  • The participation fee is non-refundable and non transferable.
  • Participating students and schools must check this website for results update and ONLY winning students/schools will be intimated though mail for further process.
  • If felicitation ceremony wont be conducted & cancelled due to Covid-19; students’ awards will be couriered.
  • Any interested students studying outside of gulf countries and interested to participate in the contest, they can take it as a part of learning opportunities, certificate will be issued to all participating students. 
  • For latest information, terms & conditions of the competition etc, visit this website often to keep you updated.

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In the essay form, you have to only write only your SRN and Payment ID, as your name and school name will remain unknown to judges to avoid any discrimination while checking the essay. We will use SRN to check your details after your essay is being assessed.

How can I get assistance if needed?

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