Climate Action Movement

Climate Action Movement: A global sustainable movement to promote grave consequences of climate change and through small day to day steps can slow down global warming.

As per The Paris Agreement’s article 12, in collaboration with Modern Public School, Delhi and Mount Abu Public Schools, Delhi cooperates in taking measures to enhance climate change education, training, public participation and awareness through the campaign.

Climate change is a proven phenomenon and has significant impact on ecosystem, economy and communities. Global warming has caused grave changes to the planet, such as rising sea levels, extreme weather events, reduction in crop production, shortage of drinking water, deforestation, disappearance of species etc.

As a global responsible citizen, we together can reduce global warming by practicing some more sustainable efforts in our day to day life and in the community.

Let’s adopt some small initiative to fight climate change globally, through simple actions that can result in big changes.

Who can sign the movement? – A global citizen voluntarily accepts to sign the movement.


I said

  • NO to Fireworks to celebrate festivals, victory, marriage, anniversary, rather I would like to feed hungry people, reduce carbon footprint, say no to several respiratory problems, air and noise pollution, opt other options to be celebrate. I love to eat more sweet to celebrating happiness.
  • NO to Electric Illumination during festivals, celebrations to minimize energy consumption that is produce from fossil fuels and natural resources. I love to decorate my office/home by “Diyas of ghee/oil” rather than electric illumination /lighting.

Together we stand up and talk about, implementing the small steps and mentoring others to act against climate change and take an action for change – big or small – in your community.


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