1st Ukraine – India Students’ Writing Contest 2024

Junior Group (Grade 6 to 8)                   
        Theme  Word Limit: Up to 450 words

1. Ukraine in my dream:  “One day, it so happened that in my dream, I visited Ukraine. What did I see? Where did I go? Who was with me? And what did I do?  I want to tell you all what happened during this trip.” OR

2. To my Ukrainian Friend: “The world is lonely without friends. I have many friends. But the most interesting of them is my friend from Ukraine. Let me tell you about this wonderful friend.”
Senior Group (Grade 9 to 12)
              Theme  Word Limit: Up to 600 words

1.The Beauty of Ukrainian Culture: Culture is the soul of its people. There are so many things that you may know and like about Ukrainian culture. Please write about one of the aspects of the cultural heritage of Ukraine. (Choose any one: literature, poetry, folklore, fine arts, folk art, culinary traditions, festivals, folk and classical dance, musical traditions, films and cinema, performing arts and the theatre, ethnic attire and ornaments)   OR

2. For a Stronger India-Ukraine Friendship: Ukraine and India are far from each other geographically, but we are very close culturally and historically. Ukrainian is an Indo-European language that has many similarities with Indian languages. India and Ukraine have established diplomatic relations since 1992 and have exchanged full-fledged Embassies in Kyiv and Delhi. How can our friendship become stronger? Make your suggestions.
Ukrainian Institute https://ui.org.ua/en/

Ukrainer https://www.ukrainer.net/en/

Online course for free on Ukraine https://ui.org.ua/en/sectors-en/the-first-online-course-about-ukraine-in-english/

Tymothy Snyder’s course: The Making of Modern Ukraine (enrol free) https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-making-of-modern-ukraine

On famous personalities:





https://www.kyivpost.com/post/7417 https://www.kyivpost.com/post/7130

Introductory materials:




Essays by Ukrainian intellectuals https://ukraineworld.org/storage/app/media/UkrHisStor_Internews_MF_Web_small.pdf

Watch the videos here: https://ukraineworld.org/en/videos

Listen to the podcasts here: https://ukraineworld.org/en/podcasts  

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