Vedic Mathematics Training

For Grade 6 to 12 students

Vedic Mathematics – the swiftest & easiest ancient Indian mathematics system helps students to excel their mathematical skills, ameliorate speed, efficacy and mental ability, create students interest in maths, do maths with fun, overcome maths phobia

“Rapid Vedic Mathematics” serves as the most reliable Vedic Mathematics Reference Book where all possible examples included, enough practice examples included and other easy methods included to make maths fun filled.

A to Z of Financial Literacy Training

For Teachers/Staff/Parents & For Students: Grade 10 to 12

Financial literacy means having the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about managing your money. Understanding basic financial concepts lets people know how to navigate the financial system. People with financial literacy skills make better financial decisions and manage money better than those without these skills.

A to Z of Building WP Website Training

Eligibility: Class 9 to 12 students

In the era of 4.0 industrial revolution, digital skills can not be ignored and learning building a WP website, digital skills, digital advertising will be a great opportunities for students to connect with global market and equip with global competence people.

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