CLASSCONNECT is a unique platform for schools to exchange class from one school to another and the core objective of CLASSCONNECT is to experience education system of host school and explore culture, history, festivals of region without skipping study.

CLASSCONNECT is 5/6 days comprehensive programs for students & teachers where they will have a mixture both study and leisure, where they study in the classroom and also having learning and experience of culture gastronomy, main attractions outside of classroom.

5/6 days program

  • Morning:Participating students attend school as per school time table and Participating Teachers will teach in the class and work with host teachers.
  • Evening:Explore nearby attractions to understand the host country’s culture, its people, festivals etc. or one day full sightseeing.

Request for registration form for registering your school under CLASSCONNECT, we will send you a complete form, brochure of the program, We will review your form and if confirmed, we will send you]a letter of cooperation, once we receive a signed letter of cooperation, you school will be highlighted under CLASSCONNECT and you are ready to host and send a school. .

If you wish to become partners school, you school will be automatically highlighted under CLASSCONNECT after signing a letter of cooperation.

Objective of the program

  • To connect with host region’s culture, gastronomy and main extractions without skipping study.
  • To enhance students to students, teachers to teachers and schools to schools connectivity from one place to another
  • To ameliorate friendship and long lasting relations
  • To understand and explore cross boarder culture, gastronomy, sharing and exchange of knowledge peer students
  • To understand and explore educations system, methodology, pedagogy, lesion plan etc. with peer teachers and peer schools
  • To make glocal  friends and build lifelong friendship to establish global peace for future and next generation
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