Overview of iEEP/GEEP

iEEP is an abbreviation of International Educational Exchange Program

GEEP is an abbreviation of Glocal Educational Exchange Program

iEEP/GEEP is a program for schools students from grade 6 to 12 along with accompanying teachers attend an international school to exchange education system, methodology, learn basic host country’s language, share lesson plan, worksheets and pedagogy to augment level of education to opt and learn new skills for betterment of the country and planet.

To make new friends, create long lasting bonding with between two schools, among students, teachers and strengthen the lifelong relations for peaceful planet.

 Program details:

  • 6 days Program

Program Format:

  • Scheduled will be shared later where host school will be ask to prepare evening program and send us for endorsement

Objective of the program:

  • To enhance students to students, teachers to teachers and schools to schools connectivity
  • To ameliorate global friendship and long lasting relations and strengthen glocal relations.
  • To share education system and methodology and to share and opt the best skills to improve the drawbacks in methodology
  • To make global friends and build lifelong friendship for global peace for future and next generation.
  • To share and exchange ideas, culture, tradition, festivals
  • To instil skills required to become glocal responsible citizen.

Program Cost:

  • Program cost depends on the selection of host country; program cost may vary from country to country.

Benefits of iEEP:

  • Opportunity to connect with glocal School
  • Opportunity to learn and exchange glocal education system
  • Opportunity to learn glocal school administration system
  • Opportunity to recognize school globally
  • Opportunity to connect with global school
  • Opportunity to meet and interact with glocal students


  • Certificate as a PT GLOBAL EDU’s Partner School
  • Certificate for school coordinator as a PT GLOBAL EDU’s  Partner School coordinator

Process to Participate: 

  • iEEP/GEEP is only executed when a host school is ready, its availability and convenient to host foreign students.